JUHYUNKIM ARCHITECTURE is a New York based, full-service architectural design firm founded by leading architects who have diverse experiences in commercial, residential, and cultural projects in New York, Seoul and other major cities around the world. JUHYUNKIM ARCHITECTURE  provides consulting services for the clients in building permit approval, zoning analysis, landmark permit, and development feasibility study and designed various architecture/interior/urban planning projects in New York and New Jersey area.
Ju-Hyun Kim, a registered architect in the States of New York and New Jersey, holds Masters degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design, and Bachelor and Masters degree from Seoul Nat’l University. Mr. Kim’s  explorations to integrate  theory and practice  received numerous recognition from media and awards. Recently, Travel Channel’s TV special  ”Future Scream Machines” broadcasted Ju-Hyun Kim’s interview and  the “Metropolitan Vertical Amusement Park” project, which won AZ Award and published in worldwide news media such as WIRED. Mr.Kim’s writing was published in 306090 book ‘Decoration,’ and MONU ‘Beautiful Urbanism.’ Mr.Kim is  co-editor of the book ‘Urban Regeneration of New York, London and Seoul.’
Euno Cho holds Masters degree from UCL(University College London) and Bachelor degree from Seoul Nat’l University. For more than 10 years of career as an architect, Ms. Cho has participated in various design projects in US and Korea.
Kyu O Kim, KIRA, holds Masters degree from and Bachelor degree from Seoul Nat’l University.  For more than 40 years of career as an urban designer and architect, Mr. Kim has designed various theme parks, and resorts in Korea, including Seoul Grand Park,one of the representative theme park of Korea.  Mr. Kim is also the urban designer who participated in various urban district development in Korea.

Juhyunkim Architecture is located at

110 West 40th Street
Suite # 804
New York,  NY 10018


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