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Why not Vertical Theme Park? Here starts the story.
Suburb-located Theme parks have been by-product of automobile-centered society.  Indescribably horrible traffic congestion and huge
hard-scaped (Hot asphalt) parking lots and  has become a constant problem in the towns where these theme parks
have located. Theme parks such as Disneyland, Disney World attracted all kinds of undesirable sprawl
to Anaheim and Orlando. In the contemporary society where zero-car, zero carbon is highly valued,
the theme park has been located at the opposite side of eco-sensitive society.
Here, I imagine vertically stacked theme park in the middle of the city. With the minimum footprint on the ground, this
vertically stacked theme park will itself become skyscraper. Theme park is the place where somebody can experience
extraordinary altitude, speed and unexpected events.  When we're tired of conventional suburban setting of the
theme park, we may have to place our theme park in the urban setting.-for example, in the middle of Manhattan.  "Density" of the existing urban conditions will make theme park more exciting place.  At the same time, "Height" of the vertically stacked theme park will also help
to enhance theme park experiences to the visitors.  No more “drive in theme park”,  here comes “walk in theme park”.
Currently, more than 50% of the world's population live in the cities according to the UN report and by the year 2050, the percentage will increase to be 70%.

This data also supports the idea of urban theme park rather than conventional, rural theme park.

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