2018.1.1_ “Deciphering of Hidden Presence” was published in A&C magazine No.128

2017.9.28_ Exhibition of  “Deciphering of Hidden Presence” is being held at MMCA(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) from September 22 to September 28

2017.9.15_ “Deciphering of Hidden Presence” receives 3rd Prize in International Competition for National Museum of World Writing

2017.9.15_ Innisfree New York flagship store opens in Union Square

2017.9.1_ “Wedge House” project is  invited to “Next Home -Seoul” exhibition and publication project

2016.11.11_ “Craft Mile” won 5th Prize in the competition for Seoul Craft Museum

2016.9.1_  Teabar in Cranford opens

2016.9.1_ “Citizens’ Stage” was published in A&C magazine No.120

2016.8.10_  “Citizens’ Stage” won honorable mention in international competition for Nodeul island in Seoul

2016.4.1_ The exterior renovation proposal for M hotel wins 2nd Prize

2016.3.9_ Environmental Designer features “vertical amusement park” in the article-“How Do We Address Environmental Sustainability in Entertainment Design?”

2016. 1.1_  Mixed use project proposal for private client  in China won1st Prize

2015.12.1_ “Idea Incubator”-Office building design competition project in Guatemala  receives 1st Prize

2015.11.29_ “See-through Mobile Bistro” receives honorable mention in AC CA competition

2015.11.1_ Space Magazine featured Juhyunkim Architecture in 49th Anniversary Featrure-“The New Geography in Korean Architects in the World”

2015.8.7_ “Platform Crafting” was published in A&C magazine No.114

2015.6.22_Exhibition of Awarded Projects in International Design Competition for ” Re-Structuring Seunsangga Citywalk” is being held at Seoul City Hall from June 22 to June 30

2015.6.20_“Platform Crafting” receives Honorable Mention in International Design Competition for ” Re-Structuring Seunsangga Citywalk”.

2014.9.16_”Working in the Park” is featured in Metro Newspaper

2014.8.7_”Working in the Park” is featured in Internet World

2014.7.24_”Working in the Park” is featured in Real Estate Weekly

2014.7.11_”Working in the Park” is featured in Fast Company

2014.7.10_”Working in the Park” is featured in Architizer

2014.7.1_“Working in the Park” receives “Runner Up Prize” for space forward competition for 1407 Broadway, New York

2014.6.29_ Azure Magazine features JUHYUNKIM ARCHITECTURE PC

2014.5.7_ We’re launching Facebook page of JUHYUNKIM ARCHITECTURE PC

2014.3.11_ “Journey of Curiosity”  is shortlisted  in Lexus Design Award 2014

2014.3.6_  ”Tomorrow City on the Lift” is  in the “Worlds of Cityvision” exhibition in WUHO Gallery in Los Angeles

2013.5.18_  Travel Channel’s TV special “Future Scream Machines” features Ju-Hyun Kim’s interview

2012.12.27_ “Manhattan Mountain” receives Curbed Awards ‘12 : Adventures in Urban Planning

2012.9.10_Intervious.dis posted at Anonymous.d

2012.9.10_ “Offline Island” wins 2nd Prize in the competition “spiritual space in a contemporary world” by Anonymous.d

2012.8.28_ “Manhattan Mountain” is featured in ArchDaily

2012.8.23_ “Manhattan Mountain” is featured in Curbed NY

2012.4.4_ “Manhattan Mountain” project is Top News of New York Section in Huffington Post

2012.4.3_ “Manhattan Mountain” is featured in Inhabitat

2012.4.3_ “Manhattan Mountain” is featured in Ecofriend

2012.4.2_ “Manhattan Mountain” is featured in Fast Company

2011.7.7_”Office without Office”-Article about new trend of office is featured in AIK journal

2011.7.1_ Out now: Azure’s July/August issue- AZ AWARDS 2011 ANNUAL

2011. 6.24_ Article about MVAP is out on Joong Ang Il Bo

2011. 6.18_ Interview with China Daily is out

2011. 6.17_ Interview with SuckerPUNCH Daily is out

2011. 6.16_Vertical Theme Park wins 2 AZ Awards 2011- Best Concept Award & People’s Choice Award

2011. 4.1_ Vertical Theme Park is featured in Mark Magazine Issue 31

2011. 3.11_ High-Rise Theme Park is featured in MODUS Magazine ‘Tall Issue”

2011.1.27_Vertical Theme Park is featured in Architizer

2011.1.15_Vertical Theme Park is featured in AOL News

2011. 1.12_ Vertical Theme Park is featured in MEMBRANA

2011. 1.6_ Vertical Theme Park is featured in WIRED UK

2011. 1.3_ Vertical Theme Park is featured in Fast Company

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